Digital can be more personal! A conversation with Leigh Tobin

Our mission is to support small businesses and marketers with the tools to thrive in the digital era.

Hey friends, welcome back to another episode. I am a big, big advocate of entrepreneurship being kiiiiinda the best thing ever. You have the freedom to control your own schedule, strategize your income, and design your own life. Like, hello. ‘TIS A DREAM. And today I am obsessed with teaching others to build online businesses that is future proof, to be the place to create a business & life they love. 

One of my favorite things about Social Media is that not a single account is the same. Our profiles are all unique because they are our opportunity to showcase us and our passions! >>The best thing about social media marketing is that you have control of what you put out and the experience you give to your followers.<<  So, how are you showing up and using it?  Oftentimes we make excuses to avoid writing e captions, put off going live until we are confident, or waiting to post until our business looks a certain way. But, you don't get confident until you do it! When you say, you want to show up authentically, then show up authentically and don't overthink it. >>Just do it and be unapologetic.<< Friend, remember when you learned to talk, when you first rode that Barbie bike, or when you first got in the driver's seat? That was hard, but the more you did it, the better you got.

We're all seeking a purpose, right? It's part of the human condition. But while we all wish to pursue a career that we'll excel at, we want to feel fulfilled by what we're doing, too. If we're lucky, we'll achieve both. On this week's episode my guest, Leigh Tobin shares on how she did just that

Leigh is an experienced, award-winning marketer with a passion for empowering small South African businesses with the skills to thrive in a digital world. 

She worked abroad for various global media companies from London to Sydney, Singapore to New York for global brands including Disney, ESPN, Discovery and Sky Media, In 2012, she won Australia’s Young Marketer of the Year award which was a huge honour and afforded her the opportunity to move to Singapore to head up marketing for ESPN in Southeast Asia.

Around this time, she got married and Herself and her husband very soon after, started a family and to their wonderful surprise expecting twins. They decided to take a leap of faith and move back to SA to start their own businesses at the end of 2015. Needless to say it was quite an intense period - new parents to twin girls and both starting new businesses. After returning home, she identified a gap for affordable digital skills training for small businesses and decided to launch Alphabet Social.  Alphabet's mission is to provide first-class training, development and marketing support for small business owners and entrepreneurs, empowering them with the tools to succeed in an ever-evolving digital landscape. 

Today she gets to work with an amazing team and support the most incredible small businesses. There is nothing more rewarding, to her than seeing her direct impact on a small business’ bottom line, the jobs that it supports and the dreams that come true as a result. 

As you’ll know by now, or if you are one of my regular listeners, firstly thanks from the bottom of my heart for spending time with me every week, I’m sending you a big virtual hug, my quote for this episode is :

Some people dream of success. Others wake up and work hard at it.
— Mark Zuckerberg

Friends, I’m so excited for you to one day look back on these moments and realize the things you thought were impossible for you, actually happened and far exceeded your dreams! 

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