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The sky is the limit...

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The 21st century needs new kinds of businesses, entrepreneurs and leaders. The current system is broken. Women have been required to create different work and home versions of themselves.  For women to be fulfilled, they need to be fully integrated – and owning a business is a vehicle to make that possible. And it just so happens that bringing your ‘whole’ self and a value centric approach to your business is not only nice, it is the single greatest X factor to success.  

I have always loved when journalists start their articles detailing the location where they met a notable person for an interview. I like to picture the white tablecloth on the outdoor patio of the fine-dining establishment or the bright, modern living room if the interview was done in the luminary’s home. So imagine my disappointment when I wanted to start this piece describing my interview setting and all I had to work with was, “I sat in my home office, next to the dirty laundry, staring at the computer screen, waiting for the Zoom meeting to start.” Such was life during production of this episode, as we all grappled with the hopefully momentary realities of the pandemic.

How can you turn what seems impossible to the possible? Kelly Lundberg, renowned entrepreneur, keynote speaker and author, grew up believing that the sky was the limit, and she's made it her mission to empower you to dream bigger and turn it into a reality. She shares how to adapt your skills and resources to make the most of this moment, learn from your failures and successes, exercise your optimism muscle, and drop your ego so you can step into your customer's shoes and fully serve them with what they need.

Kelly spills all about launching her business and continuing to find growth opportunities whenever challenges arise. She has an infectiously positive attitude and has let a pursuit of joy lead her to some of her biggest career moves.

She has achieved success by constantly pushing herself — something she started when she pivoted form airhostess to successful business women. She told me that “the sky is the limit,” which reminds us all how far we can go when we believe in ourselves and take that first step.

Fashioning a highly successful cutting-edge empire in the fabulous world of style, Kelly Lundberg, walks and talks the currency of catwalk and commerce alike. Edinburgh-born Kelly has established herself as one of the region’s key innovators and entrepreneurs. In 2005, she launched, a bespoke styling agency, which taps into the regional insight that women (and men) like to have help with choosing clothes, shoes and accessories. Kelly’s work spans the spectrum of global fashion and beauty; styling clients locally and internationally, training new stylists and presenting style segments on TV. She also has a two best-selling books and a successful podcast under her Hermès belt, as well as a thriving business, which she now manages on a day-to-day basis along with her fashion-forward team.

Hopefully, this interview with Kelly will inspire you to take a chance on an idea you have been sitting on. 


  1. It takes time to develop your voice, hone your skills, and make sure your story comes out loud and clear. Be patient.

  2. When you do something you love, you'll be grateful for it even when things seem all screwed up.

  3. Believe that you can always figure things out, and you will. Remembering Marie Forleo’s words : Everything is figureoutable. 

  4. Have confidence in yourself. You and your ideas have worth.

  5. Live like a European - work hard, but enjoy the times when you relax. Engage with other people and be in the present.

And as always, framing this episode with a quote :

“Fall in love with the process of becoming the very best version of yourself” — Shruti Gaja

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