Girl, the bigger my Hair....the bigger my Confidence! A conversation with Elana van Deventer

Doing it scared...

Fling cage doors open!  

Hey friends, welcome back to another episode I’m thrilled you are here, let’s go for a walk, like 2 best friends do, I’ll be in your ear along the way. Fear can be a crippling thing. I know that all too well.

* Fear is like that uninvited guest at the party who NEVER FAILS to show up. *

From birth, we have all developed survival skills and what often happens is that we approach everything in life with a strategy to avoid pain so we don’t put ourselves out there.

Listen, I get it friend: the stakes are high and vulnerability can be crippling. But every successful person I know has one thing in common:. They give themselves permission to do the hard things, even when it isn't perfect and even when they are messy. 

>>I know you want to find the success you’ve always dreamed of… But it won’t come knocking on your door without the courage to embrace the mess.<<

So In this episode, I’m joining an inspirational life & health coach, Elana van der Venter. She is a Personal trainer for your mind & heart and helps so many women in Remastering their “How come” into “How to!” Elana van der Venter is an expert in entrepreneurial mindset, helping women shed toxic thought patterns, negative thoughts and beliefs that prevent them from showing up, & living a life of freedom. She is a firm believer in Self-Affirmation - 

Ladies! We get to choose what we focus on! Honestly, if others talked to us the way we sometimes talk to ourselves, we would avoid them.

But have you ever noticed how easy it is to degrade ourselves, sometimes subliminally? Ever catch one of those sneaky, mean girl thoughts? It’s scary. But you don’t have to be your own worst critic. Instead of letting other people and circumstances decide what you will focus on, make it your choice!

One of the reasons we get along so well is that we both love being messy. 

 To clarify, we are neat and tidy people but when it comes to building a business, we believe that:

>>Being messy is the fastest way to learn and grow.<<

Elana grew up in South Africa as the middle child in a family of three daughters. From the time she can remember, she was designated as "the pretty one." That stamp would follow her for many years and haunt her thoughts.

She had suffered a brain injury at the age of 3 and struggled to prove to everyone - her family, friends and even her teachers - that she could achieve academically. Without anyone to teach her differently, she allowed the opinions of others to dictate what she expected for herself.

She gave up scholarly pursuits for the time being but felt like she could never be herself. It led to more than a decade of trying to keep up with a false illusion of who she was. First there was an eating disorder. Ten years later, there was a cosmetic surgery. In between there were a lot of meaningful moments including getting married and giving birth to two children, but nothing could satisfy her longing to become the woman she thought she was supposed to be.

When she became a signed model, she thought all her sacrifice and self- hatred would be worth it, but it wasn't. That disappointment acted as a catalyst for her to take full stock of who she really was - good, bad and ugly. When she learned to embrace herself, real transformation happened.

Now, she works as an inside-out health coach so that no woman has to ever live with the thoughts she did for so many years. Elana is also a speaker, entrepreneur, overseer of SHE Women's Ministry in Canada, and founder of SHE United which crosses borders. She's a wife, mother of two, knows nothing about plants, obsessed with straight lines and on a mission to redefine limiting beliefs.

The Quote for this episode :

There’s power in allowing yourself to be known and heard, in owning your unique story, in using your authentic voice
- Michelle Obama 

So get comfortable, grab your cup of coffee, snuggle into a cosy space and enjoy our conversation like a whisper in your ear.

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