Hi, nice to meet you......

Hey everyone, I thought for this Friday I'll do an intro as there are so many new friends here.

My Mission with Win@Work is about setting you free.

Welcome, I'm so thrilled you are here and can't wait to get to know you better.

I’m Lindi - Co-founder, CEO, mom, wife, friend & serious talent tech enthusiast. —— I’m a total perfume addict with a yearning for world travel & adventures. It took me till my mid-thirties to realize that God made me a coach. I love coaching friends when they’re giving birth to ideas. I love sitting beside a gal as she takes the obedient and often shaky steps forward into what she’s made for. I love helping her walk out the fears and dreaming with her and encouraging her not to quit when it gets tough.

It’s a dream come true that I’m able to serve people & love what I do. —— I believe that life is meant to be loved, we absolutely can do amazing things when we put our minds to it & a cup of coffee with a friend is the cure for almost anything.

Being a mom is the most rewarding experience & my greatest contribution to the Kingdom may not be something I do, but someone I raise. —— I’m so excited to have you here as part of this community. Thank you for the support

From a young age, I’ve been inspired by women who turned their passion into a great business, how they've used what our Heavenly Father placed inside them, and the stepping out with the love of obedience. Now I want to ask them:

“What have you built and what inspired you to build it?”

If I could give just one person the information they needed to push through and not give up on their business journey, I am achieving my WHY.

I believe we thrive in community, found in fellowship & my biggest take away from my experiences as a Business Owner is that professionals have coaches, amateurs do not. This is true about everything in life. From athletes to business owners and from relationships to personal finances, professionals understand that they don’t know what they don’t know.

Even to this day, with all of my success, I work with coaches in all areas of life—mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

I want to serve you, become the best version of yourself, transform your thinking to transform your life.

My Mission with Win@Work is about setting you free. To transform you from Employee, to Self-Employed to #Entrepreneur.

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