How to create your Ideal Client Profile

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I spent some time on a Facebook Live session last night to help #entrepreneurs start & rapidly scale their businesses.

So it’s was my birthday yesterday, and it was quite a strange experience with lockdown and not being able to have a little get together with my friends.  I was reminded once again that we as humans are made for community and fellowship, none of us is an island.  I don’t know if you have hopped over to our new website, if you did you would have seen the section where you can start your journey with us. This is a community where Our goal is real Business Transformation. Our mission is to unlock Freedom in Location, Financial & Lifestyle Freedom. Love to see you there.

I discussed the 3 sentences (As a start) for "HOW TO CREATE AN IDEAL CLIENT PROFILE"

As I completed this process, I thought I would want to share my initial steps to get you going in the right direction to attract your ideal client as well.

The last couple of days I’ve been doing a deep dive Business audit & analysing my (ICA) ideal client Avatar, to ensure that my message, brand & niche are aligned with my ideal client I want to attract.

So the goal is I want you to create such a distinct idea of who you are speaking to, that you are able to create your messaging and sales strategies to target this specific client. 

As I deal with business owners, there’s one thing I always need to know : 

WHO ARE YOU SELLING TO ? ~  that person needs to be very real to you.  He/She needs to be like a close friend.  My dear "friend's" name is Charlotte and I have built up a whole story around her in my mind and know who and what she represents.

Here are 3 sentences that you can fill in, as a start, to create the outline attributes of your #ClientAvatar

  • In the ________ (choose one: rainy, sunny, cold, humid, dry) city of _ _ __ _ (choose a city), you'll find my ideal client.

  • His/her name is _ _ _ _ _(choose a name) and he/she is ________ (choose an age) years old.

  • His/her friends describe him/her as _ _ _ _ _ _(adjective) and _ _ _ _ _ _(adjective). He/she (choose one) spends the weekend enjoying (list activity) (list activity), and_ _ _ _ _(list activity).

So now you have the start of the framework to build a story about your ideal client. I would encourage you to take the time to lay the foundations for this. 

Simply rewrite this story and fill in the blanks to ensure you have a very good idea of who your #IdealClient is.

Remember to start you journey with us and be encouraged because If I could give just one person the information they needed to push through and not give up on their business journey, I am achieving my WHY.


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