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Interview with Jodene Cilliers from @CilliersAttorneys

Hey friends, welcome to Win@Work, this is Lindi, & this is our very first Conversation. 

Today I want to lay the foundation with a quote :

“The only true voyage would be not to travel through a hundred different lands with the same pair of eyes, but to see the same land through a hundred different pairs of eyes.”

Today my 1st guest is Jodene Cilliers.  She is founder and partner of @CilliersAttorneys, situated in the hub of Fourways, Johannesburg North. She manages the Estate Planning and Conveyancing Departments of the firm. Her modern day thinking combined with her knowledge, professionalism, integrity and passion for law has resulted in two of the most sought after departments being created in her firm and in Gauteng.

Inspirational Conversation with a Powerhouse Women Entrepreneur

At the age of 24, Jodene had two degrees (a Law and a LLB), as well as a H.Dip Tax Law behind her name, ready to embrace the legal profession with all her might. Jodene has obtained a wide variety of experience in her career, proving to be invaluable in the law profession. She has worked in a large law firm, medium sized law firm and for a sole practitioner. 

This gave her an enormous advantage as she has been exposed to various courts, appearing in front of various magistrates in Gauteng. 

She has worked in the Central Divorce Court, Domestic Violence and Juvenile Courts, she has represented some of the biggest insurance companies in 3rd party vehicle claims, she has represented three of the top banks in foreclosures and at auctions in various jurisdictions. 

She has attended to SARS with clients in their tax matters and has been mentored by the top trust and estate attorney in South Africa as well as one of the top conveyancers. She has also lectured law students teaching Law of Evidence, Introduction to Legal Studies and Administrative law.

At the age of 31, with a three month old baby in tow, she opened her own law firm, and had to start from absolute scratch. Two years after that, her Husband joined her firm (he is also an attorney) and now it has been six years since Cilliers Attorneys opened. Cilliers Attorneys has become well- known, with a formidable reputation and with many happy clients.

We had a candid conversation about how an apparent failure set her up for later success, what is the best or most worthwhile investment she has made.  We had a laugh at her unusual and absurd things she loves, we went deep to understand how she refocuses herself when she feels overwhelmed, and most of all her words of wisdom will inspire and ground you whilst you charter your own journey of building or growing your business.

We had the privilege to ask her "How she build it " ? 

If you want to feel inspired and are ready to do what others are not prepared to do, then start listening!

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