Rooted in True Freedom!

In vulnerability we find our strenght!

Hey friends, happy Saturday

Some vulnerable thoughts.....

I'm sure you notice my content in recent weeks have experienced a gentle pivot, the reason is that I have always had a burning fire for Family, Friends & Freedom. Yes....I am a Writer, Podcaster, Speaker & Entrepreneur and this heading really says a lot, I write, I podcast and I do business, however I'm also a Mom, Wife, Daughter of the King & builder of the future of work! In lockdown I had a stirring to start a podcast, and in old Lindi fashion I just grabbed the idea by the horns and jumped in with both feet. I enjoyed sharing in & telling women's stories about how they have journeyed with entrepreneurship, and according to my listener's feedback, they did too!! I met some incredibly inspirational women along the way.....I'm thankful & so grateful One morning over coffee with a precious friend, my spirit quickened to really start sharing my deepest heart's truth.......TRUE FREEDOM! In my journey as wife, mom, believer & entrepreneur I thought freedom is wrapped up in time, Location & financial freedom, and yes those freedoms are great, but it's seasonal and most of the time temporary, and to be honest I have had seasons where all three of those freedom boxes were ticked, but I still experienced slavery, heavy burdens, striving in my own strength and absolute exhaustion! This has even resulted in a TIA (mini stroke)in 2019.... that thank YOU Lord, no lasting or permanent effects! I love Jesus! Seek first the Kingdom of God & His righteousness and all these things will be added to you......Matthew 6:33 I realised that freedom, True Freedom can be found in Him alone. How can I tell my friends that freedom is found in business, productivity or hustling hard .....and yes those things are good, I do them every day, however those are the things we do, not who we are! We are loved for who we are, not for what we do! The Spirit enlightened the eyes of my heart to share with you this message of Being rooted in True Freedom! I'm being vulnerable and honest, knowing that some might walk away (which I truly hope not), but in the same breath, in my vulnerability you might find your strength and the True Freedom that your heart longs for! My desire for you, is that my thoughts on these pages will be like honey for you soul, that it might bring healing, joy & peace! If the sky was a blank page, and the ocean filled with ink, I will still run out of space to tell of all His love..... All my Love & blessed Festive Season

Lindi xoxo


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