Run for Clarity.....Run for Cake ! A conversation with Jen-Attwood-Smith

Create a life that brings you joy!

Create a life that brings you joy!

Sometimes it feels like a flat tire. A wad of bubble gum stuck in your hair. Toilet paper dragging on the bottom of your shoe. Sometimes it feels like swimming in molasses. Other times it feels like someone asked you to hold a bag of bricks...while you’re swimming in molasses.


We show up on bad days, slow days, downer days, Covid days, ugly days, and days that end with the letter ‘y’. Because we know building the business and career of our dreams ain’t for the faint of heart. Is it easy? No. Is it worth it? It will be.

You see, I’m your straight-shooting type of girl who’ll whisper the truth from underneath my breath……


Today might be tough, but you’re tougher. Molasses won’t slow us down. What you’re doing matters.

The world needs what you’re doing, what you’re making, what you’re saying. We need to feel the impression of your passion, deep in our souls.

We’re living in the wildest time in human history and—perhaps—life feels uncertain, lonely, and exhausting. But, my brilliant friend, what will you do to shift your feelings and beliefs?

>>What actions will you take to pursue your dreams in the face of Fear and Doubt?<<

In this moment, will you decide to change your future?

Will you look at your children, partner, or friends and tell them that in spite of their worry, you chose to bet on belief and determination? Will you tell them that you bet on yourself? When you do, you’ll need to back up your ambitions with ACTION.

You must make the decision to consistently show up for your business or career, even when people wonder if it’ll actually work. It’s time to make a change, to shift your focus, and lead with curiosity. But where do you even begin? In my latest Podcast episode, I have a conversation with someone who felt the fear of change but took the leap anyway, and came out on top.

My guest is the beautiful Jen Attwood-Smith the founding owner of Alexa Lily, which she founded 4 years ago and has definitely grown into a beautiful online space with an incredible community of woman (and some men) who inspire her to do what she does daily.

As always my quote for this episode, embodies this creative mamma & girl boss :

“Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.”
~ Maya Angelou.

Oh friend , if you love this quote you are going to love today’s guest

It’s safe to say Jen has experience when it comes to taking chances and believing in yourself. So get comfortable, grab your cup of coffee, snuggle into a cosy space and enjoy our conversation like a whisper in your ear.

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Much Love



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