Trust yourself and be true to yourself. The understanding of a situation only comes later.


The Female founder Series ~ an inspiring extension of the Win@Work Podcast. We explore the stories of inspiring women who’ve fearlessly mastered career pivots of their own, and more about how they found their version of success and fulfilment.

We’re peeling back the layers to their successes and sharing their winding roads of missteps, lessons, trying moments, and even outright failures that we can all learn from.

This week's spotlight is the inspiring Zelda Williams #femalefounder of Tale Spin Media Communications & Design : a below-the-line marketing communications agency which formulates and implements communication strategies that support the brand, sales and corporate objectives of their clients.

The company's motto is: Communication is repetition

What have you built & what inspired you to build it............This is a glimpse into Zelda's story.......

Zelda has always been in the PR and communications space…even in an informal way when she was a teenager as a waitress and a cosmetic consultant. She studied at Wits and then went to work for a through-the-line communication’s agency. She learnt a lot over a relatively short period (5 years). She was like a sponge, working in a fast-paced, creative and demanding industry, hungry to grow and be as involved as possible.

After having her son and daughter, she decided to structure her life and career differently in order for all the pieces to fit.

She started Tale Spin Media in 2005 and this year celebrates being in business for 15 years - providing PR and communication services to a variety of industries across the board. Not specialising in one industry has allowed her to learn about many different industries and how to relate and connect with diverse audiences.

She has retained amazing & loyal clients through the years, which is testament of her outstanding service and expert knowledge of the industry!

She has had the opportunity to work with clients in various African & global Countries due to the enablement of technology which has led to sharing and exchanging “Best PR practice ideas.”

How has failure set you up for success?

Failure reminds me of all my flaws, it brings awareness to the ‘weak’ spots so I can do better next time. My mistakes are there to show me what I need to pay more attention to and that you really should listen the first time the lesson presents itself. I have learnt that that there is no accounting for human behaviour and the business systems and terms & conditions I have put in place are there to protect me and my business – so stick to them.

What message would you put up on a billboard to communicate to millions of people?

Trust yourself and be true to yourself. The understanding of a situation only comes later.

In the last five years what new belief, behaviours or habit has improved your life?

  • I remind myself to regularly evaluate the model and the story I have playing out in my head and bring it into perspective so that I have an opportunity to create a new context.

  • Don’t take things personally – people have their own lives to deal with.

  • Know yourself.

  • Nurture your relationships and know which ones are important to care for.

  • Have fun.

In the last year, what have you become better at saying no to? What realisations or approaches have helped?

  • Say no to “takers” ~ Life is about equal exchange.

  • An explanation doesn’t have to be attached to every “No” – just say “no thank you”

  • Be more discerning so you can make better choices.

  • Don’t look for the “opposite” to appreciate what you have.

How has the Global Pandemic impacted your perspective around business?

Denial is a bad place to live. Look at things how they really are, not how you want or wish them to be, then you have to stop talking and over-thinking and get on with it (Do)

Don’t put your eggs in one basket. Have other income streams that are not related to your core industry

Be willing to diversify

Make doing business with you/your company as easy and convenient as possible.

Go the extra mile for yourself, for your clients and for your relationships.

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