Your parachute will never open unless you take the leap! A conversation with Phi McCann

Updated: Oct 7

Not a mid-life crisis, but a mid-life Revolution!

“To empower and ensure people realise how incredible they are! You may know them as influencers, I know them as people."

We’ve all heard about mega and macro influencers – they’re the ones with hundreds of thousands of followers (think Bonang and Kim K) but micro and nano influencers are like you and me and have their place too. If you have anything between 1,000 – 10,000 followers and you have a voice within your community – you are in the game girl! Simply put, an influencer is someone who has the authority to sway consumer decisions based on their insights or experiences.

In this episode, I dive into an interview with Phi McCann, founder of People of Influence, and we discuss getting paid to be YOU. 

That’s right : You don’t have to be living the Instagrammable life to make an impact. This is attainable for ANYONE, no matter what you look like, how you act, or what stage of life you are in.

>> Your business should be an expression of yourself. <<

Being 100% you is the key to success. 

It’s important that you get comfortable with being yourself throughout your business. Every. Single. Part. Of. Your. Business. Copywriting, social media, emails, graphics, videos, in-person meetings should all be an expression of you.  

I know you may be thinking that you sell a product and it’s not supposed to be about you, or you are part of a team and you don’t want to be the face to your company. But I’m here to tell you…. We are ALLLLLLLL building a personal brand whether we realize it or not… whether you’re a teacher, a mailman, or you sell hair care products. 

I’m going to be bold and say you're not going to feel truly right if you are taking yourself out of your business. 

>>Being authentically you is one of the simplest and simultaneously hardest things you could do in your marketing.<< 

It requires so much bravery because often, especially on the internet, we are tempted to tuck away the parts of ourselves that we don't really think will be accepted. 

  • It’s easier to only post your flawlessly contoured #IWokeUpLikeThis face on Instagram. 

  • It's easier to go live only when you have detailed notes and a good hair day. 

  • It's easier to only show up on stories when you've just cleaned your house and the kids aren’t running around like crazy.

But you know what’s worth more?… Being relatable, engaging, & profitable, which comes by showing up consistently as YOURSELF. 

With her multifaceted personality—bold, fun, fashionable and classic—Phi has inspired people to be positively themselves and in doing so, has built a strong sense of community. Companies who are taking a cue from Phi and focusing on building a community instead of driving sales through online ads are really resonating and making bank as a result. 

As the Head girl of both her junior and senior school, it was a no brainer that Phi was a born leader. From a young age, she learned how to engage with different groups of people and make them feel welcome and comfortable.

With 10 years of industry experience, Phi now manages over 25 of South Africa’s top macro influencers as a full time job, and has built a business that has secured over 800 micro-influencers with paid work, within her first year of operations. Her vision for starting the company was always to ensure that people value their worth and value the worth of others around  them, ensuring all relationships are mutually beneficial. Her vision was to merge the importance of statistics and tracking online ROI with a human, personalisation touch that no other agency was offering... and this is exactly what she has done.

In her first year of business, Phi managed to work with some of the most inspiring, motivated and well-known influencers in South Africa, as well as being the brains behind Africa’s largest Influencer Campaign to date: The world renowned ZARA #DearSouthAfrica campaign that went viral in SA for over a week and trended 4th in the WORLD in 2019!

Other brands Phi has worked with include: Reebok South Africa, Hisense South Africa, BIODERMA South Africa, Yaga, Diesel, Lux, Vaseline, Domestos, Haute Cabriere, and Aperol Spritz to name but a few.

To date, Phi has now secured a second stream of income for hundreds of influencers and has encouraged and motivated a plethora of aspiring influencers through her educational platform, that she has built in collaboration with the incredible Lauren Dallas, CEO and Founder of Future Females South Africa.

Despite her family of influencers growing and her network increasing by the day - her vision remains the same. Not to be the biggest, but the BEST micro-influencer agency in South Africa. Celebrating people for the amazing things they do. For Phi, it's all about understanding the value of quality over quantity and ensuring that one never loses sight of the real meaning of success, which is; “To empower and ensure people realise how incredible they are! You may know them as influencers, I know them as people. And people r e a l l y do have influence!”

It is here that Phi & myself collide : The love for people and connection! In my world People truly do equal Purpose! This self-starter has used her wealth of knowledge in both advertising and global adventures to create a service that puts people first.

My quote for this episode is by the ever inspiring Maya Angelou :

“ I would like to be known as an intelligent woman, A courageous Woman, A loving Woman, A woman who teaches by being"

Listen to the full episode and be inspired from our conversation with Phi about her journey from influencer to successful entrepreneur, including how she built a profitable business around her community and the lessons she’s learned along the way.


1. You don’t always have to follow the pattern. You can do what you want. 2. Sometimes not having a business plan is a good thing - but know the industry before you jump all in. 3. The resource is yourself, and that’s pretty much it. 4. If you’re not learning anything from your current job, it’s time to move onto the next one.  5. Do what fulfils you, but don’t just go into it with fingers crossed. You have to do the work. 6. Say what you want. Sometimes you’ll get it, sometimes you won’t. But if you never put it out into the world, how will people know?

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